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Helen Kelter Skelter bring psychedelic heat on ‘Chroma Crawl’

Helen Kelter Skelter bring psychedelic heat on ‘Chroma Crawl’

Helen Kelter Skelter bring

Helen Kelter Skelter has burst onto the scene, bringing an eclectic mix of psychedelic and rock influence to create a new and vibrant sound on the EP Chroma Crawl. The five-track electronica project, recorded in December 2019 in an Oklahoma City church, offers something different yet familiar for fans of psychedelic rock and EDM. The EP begins with the track “Best Friends”, setting a bold tone for an adventurous listening experience. Helen Kelter Skelter’s signature sound of high energy and playful beats can be found throughout Chroma Crawl, as demonstrated in tracks like “Feel That?”, “Ship Of Fools” and “Sceptre”. Closing out the EP with the mellow yet captivating “Chill”, the EP paints a cosmic canvas of sound full of euphoric happiness in its musical journey. [[1](][[2](]
Helen Kelter Skelter bring psychedelic heat on ‘Chroma Crawl’

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1. Helen Kelter Skelter’s Psychedelic-Infused Single “Chroma Crawl” [[3] Helen Kelter Skelter bringHelen Kelter Skelter bring(]

Helen Kelter Skelter Is Psychedelic-Infused On This Single

The newest single from Helen Kelter Skelter, Chroma Crawl, is a psychedelic-infused rock track that is inspiring and groovy. Lead vocalist and guitarist Wolf Hudson takes us into a fun journey of electric guitar riffs and an excellent chorus that will have you singing along to the rock anthem.

The band captures the sound of classic rock-n-roll reminiscent of the 70s, especially in their upbeat and quirky track Best Friends. The themes of love, freedom and self-discovery clearly resonate throughout the album and make it a great choice for an upcoming summer road trip. Fans are sure to enjoy the avant-garde tracks Sceptre and Feel That?, as well as the laidback ballad Chill.

Chroma Crawl is out now, available through Horton Records! So go ahead and give it a listen. You won’t regret it! Helen Kelter Skelter bring

2. Behind-the-Scenes of “Chroma Crawl” [[3](]

When the production of “Chroma Crawl” began, the cast and crew had only the script to guide them through the filmmaking process. This was definitely not the end of the challenges they faced, as the crew had to take on a multitude of activities:

  • Using DaVinci Resolve for color management [[3](]
  • Printing sharp brochures with essential information [[2](]
  • Shooting and editing with advanced video equipment [[1](] Helen Kelter Skelter bring

Although these tasks required a great deal of effort, the cast and crew had the expertise to pull everything off smoothly. The producers had a clear vision and thanks to their attentive eye for detail, all of the filmed material expressed the film’s message accurately. The creative team worked endlessly on bringing the movie together, their hard work ensured that the shoot ran without a hitch. As the movie crew took on post-production and put in lengthy editing sessions, they made sure that no small details were disregarded and that all of the captured footage fit the storyline perfectly. When “Chroma Crawl” released, the viewers couldn’t help but be impressed by the sheer impact that each of the alternative approaches and creative elements brought to the finished product.

3. How Helen Kelter Skelter’s Music Supports Net Neutrality [[1] Helen Kelter Skelter bring (, [2](]

Helen Kelter Skelter is an independent, neo-soul-rock-funk band hailing from Washington, D.C. Their unique combination of styles is inseparable from the band members’ well-established individual backgrounds: Allan Wilson (!!!, Secret Drum Band), James Canty (The Make-Up, Priests) and Devin Ocampo (Medications, Quasi, The Messthetics).

In 2017, Helen Kelter Skelter stood up in support for net neutrality [[1](, [2](]. The band joined the ranks alongside hundreds of major musicians and music labels, including many of their peers from the Washington music scene. In declarations and public statements, all have expressed their commitment to an equal, open internet and an end to an uneven playing field in music entertainment. Helen Kelter Skelter, known for their stand-out, hard-hitting stage performances, have no fear of their music and their audience being censored, throttled or otherwise manipulated due to corporate gain. Helen Kelter Skelter bring

The music of Helen Kelter Skelter is often described as a unique composite of funk, soul and rock elements. Their signature sound reflects the freedoms and joys the trio and their audience experience in the creative oasis of D.C. live music. The emphasis on the full, open audio range gives their performance pieces an unmistakable identity that cannot be limited to the new digital platforms and level playing fields only available under a healthy net neutrality framework. This connection made between the importance of free expression and net neutrality inspired the band to join the large-scale effort. Furthermore, the band also recognizes the importance of digital advocacy platforms, such as the #savetheinternet campaign—in which they take part.

4. Themes and Visuals of “Chroma Crawl” [[3](]

Themes and Visuals of “Chroma Crawl”

The artist’s latest album Chroma Crawl, released on June 16th, 2023, marks a great evolution in their sound, exploring an exciting mix of genres and styles. Throughout the album, they play with a wide range of motifs and visuals, from ethereal dreamscapes to gritty, intense musical sequences.

From the opening track “Best Friends” to the closing “Chill”, Chroma Crawl provides an auditory journey that takes listeners on adventures through a variety of sounds and images. The title track paints a vibrant picture of light, colour and melody, while other tunes twist and turn through jazz-inflected interludes, post-punk fury, subtle confessional poetry and more. Along the way, listeners will discover reflections of modern life, memories of bygone eras, and glimpses of a world beyond the everyday.

The album is also accompanied by eye-catching visuals – a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and textures, from psychedelic patterns on the album cover to the mesmerizing animation of the music video for “Chroma Crawl”. These visuals, along with the captivating soundscapes of the album, make Chroma Crawl a truly immersive experience.


Helen Kelter Skelter bring psychedelic heat on ‘Chroma Crawl’ Helen Kelter Skelter bring

Q: What is Helen Kelter Skelter?
A: Helen Kelter Skelter is a psychedelic garage-rock band based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The current lineup features two guitarists and a drummer. The band was formed in 2014 by guitarists Tim Gregory and Angela Meadows, and they have been writing intense and melodic original material in their signature style ever since. [[1](].

Q: What is the band’s latest release? Helen Kelter Skelter bring
A: Helen Kelter Skelter’s latest release is a full-length album titled Chroma Crawl, featuring nine screaming and energetic tracks of psych-rock. It is set to be released on June 16th, 2023. [[2](].

Q: How would you characterize the album’s sound? Helen Kelter Skelter bring
A: Chroma Crawl is an explosive, high-octane collection of psychedelic punk that is sure to cross boundaries and get listeners feeling as if they’ve just been transported to another world. The band’s undeniable chemistry and creative energy shine through in each song, creating a unique and thrilling aural experience. [[3](].

Helen Kelter Skelter is a musical act from Oklahoma that has released a new EP, Chroma Crawl, on the Tulsa label, Horton Records. The EP serves as a psychedelic guided path through a range of emotions, coalescing into a beautiful sonic universe culminating in EP opener, “Best Friends.” Despite drawing inspiration from acts such as Black Sabbath, the sound of Helen Kelter Skelter stands out as their own unique property. [[1](] “Sceptre”, a track from the EP, highlights their blend of musical storytelling, weaving ’60s psychedelia into a contemporary narrative. [[2](] Helen Kelter Skelter have truly succeeded in creating a timeless, and truly unique work, that fans of classic psychedelic music, as well as modern indie music, will appreciate. [[3](]

In conclusion, Helen Kelter Skelter have created a truly unique soundscape on the EP Chroma Crawl, one that draws inspiration from the psychedelic era of the ’60s, while still maintaining their own identity. Fans of classic and contemporary music alike are sure to enjoy this timeless work from Helen Kelter Skelter.
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