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OKC Mayor David Holt named Okla City Univ Law School Dean

OKC Mayor David Holt named Okla City Univ Law School Dean

OKC Mayor David Holt named

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt recently took a major leap of faith — from top city leader to Dean at the renowned Oklahoma City University School of Law. Known

for his passion for reform and commitment to aligning the city’s future with its proud and storied past, Mayor Holt has set his sights on

an equally impressive role within academia. By taking the helm of an innovative and widely respected law school, Mayor Holt will be able to continue driving the kind of positive change he’s been known for in Oklahoma City.
OKC Mayor David Holt named Okla City Univ Law School Dean

Table of Contents

1. Mayor David Holt Rises to New Heights

Mayor David Holt has been on a mission to elevate Oklahoma City to new heights ever since he was elected in 2018. In a very short time, he has

become a leader of the people, renowned for his dedication and commitment in making Oklahoma City the best possible place to live and work.

Drawing from Mayor Holt’s positive energy and enthusiasm, the city has spurred a number of improvements. Holt has:

  • Bolstered the city’s infrastructure
  • Reached a compromise with the states Golden Driller monument
  • Revitalized local businesses
  • Developed innovative solutions to reduce problems such as homelessness and poverty

In addition to these impressive achievements, Mayor Holt has become a champion for social justice and promoting greater inclusivity in Oklahoma City. He is an inspirational figure, leading the way to a brighter future for the entire city of Oklahoma City.

1. Mayor David Holt Rises to New Heights

2. Okla City University Welcomes Distinguished Mayor to Post

Oklahoma City University’s Leaders Show Support

  • Oklahoma City University (OCU) recently demonstrated its support for distinguished Mayor Miles Solomon by welcoming
  • him to the post.
  • Leaders of OCU said, “It was an honor to welcome Mayor Solomon to his new role. His deep understanding of local issues and his commitment
  • to people make him an ideal leader for our city.”

Mayor Solomon expresses Joy and Gratitude

  • Mayor Solomon expressed joy upon being welcomed: “I’m happy to see the people of this city come together to support me as I begin my work. I’m humbled by their show of support.”
  • He continued, “I’m incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to serve this city that I love. With the backing of OCU and the members of the Oklahoma City Council, I’m ready to get to work.”

3. Mayor Holt to Lead Law School Forward

With the start of a new academic year, Law School has looked to Mayor David Holt to take their university forward. Mayor Holt was chosen for his proven track record of success and for his positive impact on Oklahoma City. He is an advocate for education and equal access to justice.

Mayor Holt brings energy and dedication to this role. He will work tirelessly to ensure Law School has the resources, technology, and team needed

to continue to grow and fulfill its mission. He is specifically focused on increasing student and faculty diversity, providing internships that give students experiential learning opportunities, and promoting an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone in the Law School community.

  • Prior experience: Mayor Holt has a long history of success in Oklahoma City and the results of his initiatives speak for themselves.
  • Innovative ideas: Mayor Holt has brought fresh ideas to the table in order to provide the Law School with an edge.
  • Leadership and commitment: Mayor Holt’s enthusiasm and passion for Law School are unparalleled.

4. Looking Ahead: City of OKC with Mayor at Helm of Law School

The City of Oklahoma City is poised to enter a new era of growth and collaboration, thanks to the mayor taking the helm of the prestigious

Law School. With their extensive experience in government and policy-making, the mayor is prepared to bring forward a bold vision that will foster the development of a secure, equitable and prosperous community.

Here are some of the exciting prospects that the Mayor’s involvement in Law School may bring: OKC Mayor David Holt named

  • Stronger Human Rights Protection – Comprehensive legal framework to protect the rights and wellbeing of local residents.
  • Sustainable Economic Growth – Support for businesses and entrepreneurs, along with new job training and employment opportunities.
  • Better Education System – Increased support for teachers, access to more resources and improved learning options.
  • Robust Infrastructure Improvements – Infrastructure upgrades needed to unlock economic and community development.

The resourcefulness, resilience and determination of the people of Oklahoma City will be complemented by the city’s innovative advancements

and investments under the transformative leadership of the Mayor. Oklahoma City is a city with a bright future, and the new law school leadership is sure to accelerate its accelerated growth.


Q: What can you tell us about Mayor David Holt’s new appointment?
A: Mayor David Holt has recently been appointed to serve as the Dean of Oklahoma City University School of Law. He is an experienced lawyer and a civic leader with a proven record of success, so the school is in good hands!

Q: How will Mayor Holt’s management style affect the law school?
A: Mayor Holt’s experience as an elected official and legal professional will bolster the school’s commitment to inclusivity and respect for the differences among members of the legal community. Along with this, he will be emphasizing the importance of integrity in the field of law to ensure its consistent use as a tool for justice.

Q: What impact will Mayor Holt have on the law school?
A: Mayor Holt will bring a level of expertise, commitment to excellence, and thoughtful leadership to Oklahoma City University School of Law. He understands the value of having a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in the legal field and will create an environment for students where they can learn, grow, and express themselves in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Mayor David Holt has proven time and time again that he is committed to bettering Oklahoma City. Through his new position as Dean of the Oklahoma City University Law School, he has now taken on an importan

t role in training and educating the next generation of Oklahoma City’s leaders. We look forward to seeing the impact he will have on the state as he continues to strive for progress.OKC Mayor David Holt named
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