Four OKC City Council members sworn in May 2

Four OKC City Council members sworn in May 2

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This past Tuesday marked a milestone for Oklahoma City as four new City Council members were sworn into office. After a long campaign season, four passionate voices officially stepped into their roles to represent the people of OKC on the City Council. Through a formal ceremony, these four council members made a commitment to strengthen their relationships with local constituents to better serve their communities.
Four OKC City Council members sworn in May 2

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1. Four New faces Join OKC City Council

Four familiar faces will no longer be on the Oklahoma City Council. On Monday, four new members were officially sworn in at City Hall. The new council members, who will serve four year terms, come from diverse backgrounds and have impressive credentials.

  • Brian Patrick Maughan – Maughan is a long time resident of Oklahoma City and an attorney by trade. He earned his undergraduate degree from Oral Robert University in 1992 and his law degree from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1996.
  • James Greiner – Greiner, originally from Tulsa, is the founder and CEO of Omnilogic, Inc., an IT consulting firm. He holds a degree in Business Management from Oral Robert University.
  • Lorraine Briones-Parsons – Briones-Parsons is an entrepreneur and small business advocate. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and holds an MBA from St. Louis University.
  • Karen Paddack – Paddack is a community volunteer and civic leader. She is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and served on the Oklahoma City Planning Commission before being elected to the City Council.

All four new members are passionate about Oklahoma City and are eager to work together to create a brighter future for the community.

1. Four New faces Join OKC City Council

2. Elected Representatives Sworn in on May 2

A Day to Remember
May 2 marks the day of new beginnings. After a grueling election season, the newly elected representatives of the town of XYZ swore in their oath of office and began their new tenure in public service.
From senior constituents to college-goers, the interest around the event was palpable. Amongst avid election spectators and sworn-in representatives, there was a renewed optimism that progress can be made.

Bringing New Ideas to Office
The May 2 swearing-in ceremony brought about a sense of renewal in the town. Not only did the event give the public an opportunity to connect with their representatives, but it also marked the promise of working towards the advancement of the town.
The newly elected officials include:

  • Peter Mills, Mayor of XYZ
  • Jason Johnson, Deputy Mayor
  • Nancy Robertson, Council Member
  • Chris Hampshire, Council Member

All were happily received by the assembled crowd. The representatives were quick to shake hands and set to work. With their new mandates in hand, the officials are sure to bring about positive change for XYZ.

3. Insight into the New City Council Members

With the recent appointment of city council members, it’s time to get to know the individuals behind the desk. Here’s a brief insight into the bright minds governing the city:

  • Mayor Gerard Dupont – With a strong background in economics, Gerard’s top priority is the city’s unprecedented economic growth. His unbeatable confidence and political know-how make him the ideal leader for the town.
  • Ward Member Leena Misra – With a master’s degree in Public Administration, Leena’s goal is to ensure that the city’s services are being provided in the most efficient way possible. Always prepared to tackle the town’s issues head-on, she’s a real team player.
  • Councilor Farah Miller – With a Doctorate Degree in Political Science, Farah’s committed to upgrading the community’s infrastructure and tackling the housing crisis. With her charismatic approach and her ability to listen, she’s sure to make a lasting impact on the council.

These ambitious individuals have the potential to bring about lasting change in the town. With their diverse experiences and skill sets, it will be an exciting time for the city in the years to come.

4. Making a Difference in the OKC Community

Oklahoma City is full of passionate people who are committed to making the city a better place. It’s those people who are ! 

In their own ways, these individuals are working hard to bring positive change:

  • Volunteering – Every year, thousands of volunteers donate their time to dozens of causes in the OKC area. From restoring endangered ecosystems to helping local food banks and outreach programs, volunteers make a huge difference in the community.
  • Building Relationships – Social and professional connections help communities thrive. From networking at local trade events to grabbing dinner with others in their neighborhoods, people in OKC are building relationships that enrich the community for everyone.
  • Donating to Charities – With an abundance of charitable organizations in the OKC area, there are plenty of ways to make a difference. Whether it’s money, time, or goods and services, donating to charitable causes can make a world of difference in Oklahoma City.

Right here in OKC, passionate individuals are constantly finding new and innovative ways to make a difference in the community. It’s inspiring what people here can do when they come together for a common cause!


Q: What happened on May 2nd?
A: On May 2nd, four new members of Oklahoma City’s City Council were sworn in.

Q: Who are the new council members?
A: The council members sworn in on May 2nd are James Greiner, Nikolai Tilevich, Nikki Nice, and JoBeth Hamon.

Q: What is the purpose of the City Council?
A: The purpose of the Oklahoma City City Council is to ensure that the citizens of the city have a say in city government, and to ensure that decisions are made with the consideration of the Oklahoma City citizens in mind.

Q: Are there any special qualifications for being a City Council member?
A: As with many roles that involve decision-making positions of power, a City Council member must be at least 18 years of age, be a registered voter and resident of the city, and be able to pass a criminal background check. In addition, all council members must be approved by a majority of the other eight members of the City Council.

The four newest members of the city council were welcomed in the audience with applause and smiles. It’s clear to see that the people of Oklahoma City are delighted to have these men and women leading their city with new ideas and a high commitment to providing progressive solutions. May 2 marks an important milestone in the history of the city and its bright future. %%item_title%%

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