11 Key Takeaways From Oklahoma’s Newly Passed Laws

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11 key takeaways from oklahomas newly passed laws 1 11 Key Takeaways From Oklahoma's Newly Passed Laws
11 Key Takeaways From Oklahoma's Newly Passed Laws 4

11 Key Takeaways From Oklahoma’s Newly Passed Laws

The state of Oklahoma has recently passed new laws that are sure to have an effect on the people and businesses in the area. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of eleven key points about these regulations, so you can stay informed and make sure you’re compliant.

Increase in Salaries for Early Childhood Educators.Oklahoma’s Newly Passed Laws

One of the most noteworthy changes resulting from Oklahoma’s new laws is an increase in salaries for early childhood educators. The measures passed bring educator pay levels up to those of other teachers in the state and address educational disparities that affected lower-income families. This change will make a significant difference for many children in Oklahoma who deserve access to quality education.

Removing Use Tax on Renewable Energy Sources.

Oklahoma also established a new provision in its tax laws which removes the requirement for use taxes on renewable energy sources. This is likely to encourage greater investments in clean energy and bring a higher level of sustainability to the state. It shows that Oklahoma recognizes the need to reduce its reliance on traditional, non-renewable sources. These changes are part of a larger effort by the state to become better stewards of their environment and prioritize renewable energy resources.

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